Roofing! There are so many options available for homeowners. However, tiled roof system is one of the most popular roofing types. Some of the pros of tiled roof are durability, beauty, and variety. Nowadays, the most popular roof tiles are concrete and clay. Both of them have similar features; thus, they provide very similar benefits. Today, we will discuss in general some of the pros of tiled roof systems.


Variety of Colors and Shapes

Being one of the oldest roofing solutions, it is not surprising that they are rich in colors, shapes, and sizes. Both concrete and clay tiles come in a wide range of colors, which makes it easier to match your roof with exterior colors. Regarding shape, roof tiles can be flat and barrel tiles. As you know, barrel tiles are the most common shape used in tiled roofs. This is only the first of the many pros of tiled roof systems.

Appearance and Style

Roof tiles are strong and resistant, but they also look amazing. This is the main reason why homeowners prefer them over other roofing types. Roof tiles can easily match any architectural style of a home. For instance, there are roof tiles that project authentic Spanish and Mediterranean styles. Some others resemble colonial or contemporary styles. Indeed, appearance and styles are few of the many pros of tiled roof systems.

Perfect Resistance

Concrete and clay roof tiles are two of the toughest roofing materials. As a matter of fact, they have a Class A fire resistance rating, which is pretty much advantageous. Also, they can bear severe wind conditions. Without doubt, this roofing option offers everything we expect from a great roof.

Extremely Durable

It is amazing how roof tiles have one of the longest lifespans. This is considered to be on the top of the pros of tiled roof systems. Concrete and clay roof tiles can easily last 50 years to even more. There are many examples where tiled roofs surpass 100 years of longevity. Of course, they need to have a proper installation and receive the right maintenance to last this long. But, if you make the numbers including the initial investment and the life-time protection that a tiled roof offers, you will realize that this is one of the most cost-effective roofing solutions.


Some materials like plastic and metal roofs require more chemical preservatives and lot of energy to manufacture. Fortunately, cement and clay roof tiles do not deplete limited resources. Since they last more than a life-time, there is no need for constant re-roofing. Thus, this reduces the quantity of roofing waste that go into the land-fills.

Armadillo Roofing knows about the importance of your roof; thus, we recommend this type of roofing solutions. Our personal has vast experience in the installation of tiled roofs, and they know everything from maintenance to roofing repairs. Get in contact with us today, so you can take advantage of all the pros of tiled roof systems. Remember that we always deliver durable and cost-effective results.